Towelroot APK Download

Towelroot Apk is an awesome app to root your android device.  It is a small tool that allows you to root your Android device in just a few seconds, all by installing the APK and pressing a button. The most important and amazing feature of this tool is that, it doesn’t require you a PC to root your android. So, this is an standalone app that can function independently and root your android device in one click. supports a wide range of android device available on the market, so it is most likely to get your device rooted, even if your device is not one of the common android device.

Important points and Notes:-

  1. Before downloading towelroot and rooting your device, you have to know that rooting violates the warranty of  software of your android device. This means if any problem arises after rooting in software of your android device and your warranty period is still left, you have to pay to repair it. Although, warranty of hardware and other accessories wont be affected.
  2. Neither Towelroot developers nor 8APK will be responsible for any of the issues caused because of rooting your device. Also, there is no any guarantee that whether Towelroot will root or doesn’t any android device correctly. I mean, we can tell you whether your device can be rooted or not, but we cannot tell whether it will cause issues or not.
  3. You shouldn’t SuperSU or superuser that is installed automatically while rooting by towelroot.
  4. You can uninstall system apps that came with your android device after rooting, but remember that, though there are some apps which you never use, but are extremely important to your device. Learn about the system apps before uninstalling them.

How to download and use towelrootApk?

  • Go to Settings > Security > and opt in Unknown Sources to allow install third-party apps
  • Download Towelroot apk . You are getting it free from our website. Then Install downloaded apk file..
  • Run installed Towelroot.
  • Click on “Make it ra1n”
  • [[If your device is compatible, proceed to Next Step. But, what if your device is incompatible? Don’t worry, there are many other apps for android that can root your device in one click. Here is the list of All One Click Rooting Apps for Android.]]
  • Your device will reboot and your device is successfully rooted.




Q. What does root mean?

In every case, whether it is android, web hosting or any other similar activities, root access means access to core part of the system. It means if you gain root access to any system, you can do anything you want to do with that system.

For example, in this site, all you can do is view posts and comment on it, you cannot edit posts and delete them because you don’t have root access to my server. This is similar to android, In android all you can do is install and delete ONLY the apps you downloaded from play store and view only the the data, files and folders that android allows you to. But, if you gained root access you can delete any app you want, and view hidden files and folders. Also you can install many kinds of apps that provides amazing features such as Titanium backup, link2sd, Greenify etc, which you can’t install on unrooted devices.

Q. If I root my device and then after sometime unroot it, will my warranty continue?

Ans. Yes, your warranty will be continued because they won’t know that you have rooted before.

Q. People say rooting is dangerous. Should I do it?

Ans. It is up to you to decide. Actually few people brick their device during rooting and now you can also root your device with 100%safe method. So I think there is not much to worry about, but if you fear so much, please google whether people got error while rooting the device you are using.


1. After rooting your phone, you can delete some software from the system. There is no installing option in the software management inside the root. But after rooting, they can match some file management software to delete the system applications in your phone. This can help save memory space in your phone (suited for low-end smartphone).

2. Some apps need to have the root access to open their functions. For example, Titanium Backup has awesome feature that it can Backup data as well as app/game. But, to use this feature you need root access.

3. Some top android optimized software like towelroot needs the help of rooting to achieve the best optimization. Like some small functions must be used through roots.